Can we order other teas?

We introduce our seasonal Limited Edition range several times throughout the year. Just a few rare and wild teas with astonishing provenance stories. Ideal if you want something unique to lift your menu into the extraordinary.


Can we have our own signature teas?

Yes although we do have MOQ criteria. Please contact us for more information.


Why don’t you mention organic on the packaging?

Many of our teas are from organically certified growers. Others are grown using organic principles and some are even sustainably wild-harvested, but not certified. We buy traditional, high-grade teas direct from small producers all over the world and they do not need or want a western organic certification label to sell their tea.

We took the decision not to state the organic status on any of our teas as it undermines the desirability of our other teas that are traditionally slow grown without the use of chemicals, hand picked and skilfully crafted.


Do you offer training to those serving Canton?

Yes. We hold regular Teach open training sessions at our central London Tea Studio. This is free to all Canton partners. Contact us online or through your account manager or tea trainer, to book places in advance. For partners who have a team of people to train, we can run a training session on site.


Are your pyramids biodegradable?

Yes. They are made from plant material derived from corn starch, which is a renewable resource. It is certified as biodegradable, as eventually, it breaks down into water and CO2. Although it won’t break down in domestic compost heap, you can put it in your food waste collection where it safely breaks down under the right conditions. These are considered much better than paper teabags (which contain plastic) and nylon pyramids.